Friday, September 17, 2004

The Greatness that is using pregnancy as an excuse...

It has been two good days on the nausea front...enough to remind me it's still there...but not enough to make me feel as miserable as those first few days.

Today for lunch, I was actually starving. Hungry for the first time in I did it right. I went to the new Culver's that's opened here in the whitelands and went to town. It helped that the owner/manager was super nice and accommodating and brought me free food (fried cheese curds!). It also helped that I've been craving a pineapple/icecream/frosty goodness combo for day...and today of all days their custard flavor of the day was......PINEAPPLE CRISP. I ate and ate and ate, and couldn't stop. I had to make myself stop. I'm so full now I can hardly move. But! No nausea! And, I'm blaming the voracious appetite on pregnancy. Because I can! So I will! So there!

Oh, if I could only lay down and take a several hour nap this could possible go down in history as the best friday EVER (even better than those really great friday's in college when the party started sometime around noon (right after I woke up and realized I'd missed my friday morning class.)

And you know what? D has decreed tonight as "steak and cake" night at the house. Oh! Joy of joy. I may never eat again, but just for today? Glorious!


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