Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Pregnant and Still Thin

Pregnant and Still Thin

This is disturbing. I'm not saying that women should totally pig out and put on hundreds of pounds in pregnancy, that too is sick. But, people, when you are pregnant...that's when it stops being about you. For pretty much the rest of your life (if not at least the next 18 years). Guess what? Partytime is over. You are now in charge of growing/birthing/taking care of another human being until they are able to fully care for themselves.

It is not meant to be an accessory (oh you know my loathe of the accessory child mommies), it's a lifestyle change.

At this point, I've actually lost weight. I'm neither thrilled nor upset...this is fairly typical for a nauseated first trimester. But, I fully expect to gain the weight necessary to be nutritionally repsonsible for the pod.

Don't pregnant women have enough to worry about besides remaining rail thin and fashionable? (Dont' most women that live in the real world?)

On a totally unrelated note, puking this morning (after brushing my teeth, oh the horror of the toothbrush), I had a moment of terror...what if I'm never to brush my teeth again without gagging?


Blogger Sarcomical said...

wow. i am sorry for you and your toothbrush. it is marked now. but i think it will pass. SOMEday.

also, i just read another spot about this topic on les cadeaux. if you don't have her site marked she's on my blog under more cool folks. it's definitely a trend to watch out for.

i just hope you start to feel better soon. here's crossing my fingers for you. ;)

September 23, 2004 at 8:17 AM  

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