Thursday, September 09, 2004

Spreading my Legs

So, the first prenatal appointment is a bit like a blind date. You know, the anxiety about whether or not you'll like your OB. Will they like you? What will you talk about? Do you wear your good undies or not? Does it matter? When you talk about your past history (and oh, you totally so will), will you feel defensive? All of that blind date sort of stuff....

Except, this is a blind date that you know will definitely involved your boobs being squeezed and someone else's fingers in your vagina.


Ok, so the EDD (estimated due date, get with it people...I'm learning preggo lingo you should too) is May 7, 2005. I'm five weeks along in this great vaginal journey.

More on the exam:

Firstly, thank you thank you thank you Leah for the recommendation to this OB/Gyn (Dr. Parks). I like her already. She is great. About my ageish, super laid back and just really really approachable. She even told me that when she gets up the duff (she said she's planning to sometime next year), she's eating sushi...she doesn't care.

Let's see, they made me pee in a cup (apparently I an expect this great pleasure at every visit), took vitals and etc.

Then I had the dreaded pap smear (which made me cry because I soooo sooo hate the speculum and cervical poking), and a pelvic palpitation. Apparently my uterus is nice and enlarged. Go uterus go! She said she'd wait til next time to give me my first scan (the first one is intra-vag...neat...can't wait!) Oh! and They will let me record it on a DVR etc if I want. She assured me that random abodominal/uterine feeling cramping was totally normal. As were headaches etc. So, rock on achy uterus!

Then they drew tons of blood and said "see you in four weeks."

All that my friends and it was only $25!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have no problem spreading my legs or having a pap.

not sure if that means i have a high pain threshold or i'm just slutty.

Love, BrownEye

September 9, 2004 at 12:22 PM  

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