Thursday, September 02, 2004

Things to Note: (pod related signs)

  1. If you take the dogs to the park and do nothing more than stroll around in a leisurely way and have to change not only your underwear but also your PANTS due to crotch sweat (or wetness in general)...then that is not normal. This is a sign that something weird is happening to you.
  2. That two weeks straight of indigestion? Well that may be more than "something weird I ate."
  3. That glass of wine you had that gave you a headache that has lasted over a week? It wasn't the wine.
  4. No, I do not believe there is any way that you can take a nap in your cubicle without anyone noticing.
  5. Those cramps that you were hoping meant your period? Not your period. Nope. Now you can have intermittent cramps all the time, every day, from here on out. This is fun times!
  6. Crying for two days straight is very hard on many levels: Firstly, you must supress the crying, even to the point of migraine, at work. That is the last thing you need right now...concerned work mates. Secondly, the crying? Does not help with the continual headache. Thirdly, the crying? Does nothign to soothe the terror and shock.
  7. But, don't worry, the crying can just as easily be giddiness...because, guess what? You no longer have control of your own moods.
  8. Neat!


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