Sunday, September 19, 2004

Weekend of the Nap

I'm not usually one to nap. Even if I'm tired or overspent. As tempting as naps are, they generally leave me feeling worse instead of refreshed and replenished.

Not this weekend! No!

I have been a napping fool. I'm talking coma-esque naps. And, I wake up feeling rested and ready to go again. Not only that, napping is in no way interfering with my falling asleep at night.

I knew that you are meant to feel tired in the first trimester, but honestly, I haven't felt more tired than anytime else. Sure, I sometimes feel a little frayed around the edges, or worn out...but no more so than any other time in my normal life. But, this weekend, the minute I put my head down...."for just a second" and it's been lights out.

Oh the joy of a good nap!


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