Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Why can't it be this easy in the US?

Citizenship > By Descent > UNDER 25

Seriously, you can not imagine what a pain it has been every time we've had to deal with US Immigration with regards to residency issues etc. I mean, at least when we were back in Perth, we had pretty decent (ie. almost immediate access) to the consulate, but since we've been here our experience with the US Immigration department is that it is in shambles. D's greencard took forever to arrive (even though he arrived in the US preapproved etc.) and then when if finally arrived it had incorrect information. Which has yet to be resolved by the US Dept. of Immigration. (It is impossible to get a phone into the LA department and they ignore faxes.)

So, imagine my delight at being reminded at how easy it has always been to deal with the DIMIA. I remember even as far back as obtaining my first student visa to Australia, it was an easy and straightforward process...not to mention quick and relatively pain-free. Securing my permanent visa in Australi was equally as easy, as was securing my renewals (walk into the dept., fill in application, pay fee, and the visa is issued right there and then to you and applied to your passport.)

It looks like registering the pod for his/her Australian citizenship should be a breeze. Thank goodness, I'd been dreading even considering it.


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