Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Insurance. Man. This country has problems. I'm insured, thank goodness...pretty well. Actually the D and I are going to be switching over to a low deductible plan after a few years of enjoying paying minimal premiums above what my company provides for a high dedutible plan. It served our needs, and gave us affordable access to the only health care services we needed..mostly a prescription here or there, or medical attention for things like my dodgy back etc.

So, yes I know I have it good compared to most. That point has been driven home over the past few months, because although it sucks having to pay lab fees (I'm responsible for these until I meet my deductible) I'm still only paying a negotiated insurance fee for them. For example, my first round of lab fees: the total cost was in the $600 range, but I only have to pay$200. Which is still not great, but not too bad considering. And, once I switch over, the cost for delivery etc will be about as minimal as possible (ie. we won't have to live on ramen noodles for the next few years...hopefully).

So, imagine my shock and dismay when I went to refill my Z0fran today and was told that insurance wouldn't let me have another round of it til the 17th. I only received 10 blister packs (of 3 tablets) for my first round. The directions say to take every 6-8 hours. I'd been taking it every six hours. That was a bad idea. But, in my defense, I felt ill after 5 hours and thought I should take them as suggested. And the thing is, D and I have been cheap for the insurance company all these years. They've gotten their premium and we've gotten a few prescriptions here and there so it's not as if we're sickly or hypochondriacs. I felt like I was doing something naughty in asking for a refill on my prescription (which was written with 5 refills available).

So, now I'm short until I can have another round. For interest sake I asked how much it would cost to just buy them outside of insurance. The pharmacist's droll reply? "Um, that's like in the 4 digits and that's not counting the change." Holy moses! That means at minimum each of those blister pacs of three cost $100 (and you know good and well that it's probably more than that). That is insanity. $100/day? I mean, yes, I'm a bit anxious about how I'll manage without the medicine...I guess it is back to meagre sips of water, toast, and plain mashed potato for me and just living through vomitting, but, geez, imagine if you had no insurance and that was medication you needed to stay ALIVE. And, geez, I never knew how expensive I really was until now.

I'll be misering out the tablets to myself until Sunday, and I hope it won't be too bad. You never know, maybe the morning sickness is on its way out anyways.


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