Tuesday, November 23, 2004

My Mother In Law

Let's face it, everyone wishes they had a mother in law like mine. If you are a guy, then you wish she was your mum. You do. No one can convince me otherwise. (My father in law is quite alright himself.)

My mother in law is one of the kindest and most wonderful women I've ever known. She has that way about her. You know. That way. That is, she's the type that never raises her voice. In fact, when she gets calm and quiet (when you would otherwise expect a human to scream), everyone, including the dog, gets very scared. She's just that way.

(That way being exactly the way I am not. I'm not gracious. I'm not kind. I'm not calm under pressure. I am totally disorganized and I never think about making things look "nice." Sufficient is about as good as it gets with me. In fact, I have no idea why her son married someone as retarded as I get sometimes, seeing as he grew up with a totally competent, feminine, nurturing female in his life. Oh, that's right...he's a pain in the bum (a very nice looking one, but a pain nevertheless)...and no organized, calm, even tempered woman would tolerate it as I do. Right?)

At the same time, she once took me aside when D was being a complete dickface and said something like "Oh love, I did the best I could with him. He is being a complete shit. But, remember I had the three of them. If I can live through it, I'm sure you'll do just fine." That was right before she went and boxed him in the ear.

I once threatened to get up the duff just to FORCE them to come visit us again. In fact, the scheme is working. They are scheduled for a 2005 comeback tour! Hoorah!

She's been an angel through these awful weeks. I always feel like a whinger when I talk to her knowing how difficult her pregnancies were (ie. D's older brother and sister are both adopted, and her pregnancy with him was quite awful from what I gather) but, she's been most understanding and encouraging. And, she keeps me supplied with the things I've needed from 'home' thus far. Early on, I really wanted vegemite (which we can longer find in the shops around here) and berocca...I had a misguided hope that the vitamin B would help with the nausea (for the record it did not, and D has absolutely obliterated the first shipment of vegemite already.) She also sends strategic shipments of cherry ripes. Love her.

Lately, the one thing in the world that I'm hanging out to eat continually is Samboy's Atomic Tomato Chips. I don't know why. That is just the way it is. A major lust for the tomato sauce chips, with a minor craving for twisties (not cheetohs). Last week, a box arrived in the mail filled with fun size bags of samboy's atomic tomato chips and twisties (and some vegemite for D). I wept.

They were gone in less than a week.

I'm waiting for the new shipment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do you get the samboy chips shipped from?? I have such a craving and can't find them anywhere!

November 1, 2005 at 10:18 AM  
Blogger Cas said...

To anonymous:

The sad news I have is that these chips aren't even available in Australia anymore! Boo! My in laws are viwsiting now and these chips were my request from "home." They couldn't find them on the shelf. All the suppliers I've looked at online (for aussie products) are not carrying these chips either.

So sad.

November 1, 2005 at 10:21 AM  

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