Monday, December 27, 2004

Trust me

That pouty face is much more palatable than the pics I just took of the expanding pod-lump for Browneye and Allison.

But enough of the sad face...let me tell you what turns that frown upside down: a box from my in-laws containint 2(!!) packets of samboys atomic tomato chips. Heaven! Thank goodness for me (and my arse) that I can't buy these little crispy bits of wonderful goodness here, or else, it wouldn't just be the size of my gut that would be making me cry.

Silver lining: an expanding stomach has made my arse look small in comparison. You gotta grab an upside where you can peoples. As I've only gained 2 lbs so far (alas, the weight loss is now officially a thing of the past, though I don't miss the vomitting that supported that trend), I am trying to remind myself that the expanding gut is truly a baby in there.

This is the face a woman makes when she realizes how big her gut is suddenly, and that she really really really needs a haircut (but knows she can't be fagged organizing it).

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Here's the pod, contemplating life....

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Well, it's a......

Little shit who refused to cooperate at all and let us see its bits. Oh sure, it showed off it's brain (still enormous like mine!), heart, spine, fingers, toes, kidneys, stomach, and bladder.....but had its legs crossed defiantly and if it didn't, it was using its hand to cover itself.

What a little pain.


But, seriously, would you expect anything else from any child of mine?

Besides that little disappointment (I do not like waiting for surprises), I'm happy everything looked good/healthy etc.

Monday, December 20, 2004

This is your last chance

to guess at what sort of baby the pod is! Tomorrow, with some cooperation from the little sweet potato itself, we should be finding out if pod is an innie or outie.

So guess now!

BBC - Food - TV and radio - 50 things to eat before you die

BBC - Food - TV and radio - 50 things to eat before you die

Well, I've eaten all but the following:
Guinea Pig (no desire to eat this)
Reindeer (indifferent to this)
Durian (I just can't get beyond the smell)

some things on the list I wouldn't eat again, not that they were totally offensive (ie. haggis, alligator, etc), but with so many other yummy things to eat, why waste yourself?

Some of the things on the list seemed pretty banal. Pizza? "Chinese food" <----- um, like what?

Sunday, December 19, 2004


No, not the (battle of) island t-rods. I mean I'm 'halfway' through this! Sheesh! This week the pod is the size of a sweet potato (mmm roasted sweet potato).

An update on the experiment:
A couple of good days, interspersed with a spectacularly bad Friday, followed by two really good days! People. You can NOT imagine how much better life is without impending vomit at all times! Not only that, the sun was gloriously shining all weekend and I sat out in it as much as possible. Super double happiness.

Now then, something you should really take advantage of while you can:
Gingerbread Tea from Adagio. It is super good times for a dodgy stomach. Plus, what's not to love about Adagio?

A dog related update for those of you that are as in love with my beasts as I am:
Ollie has decided that the pod is his. He likes to lay with his head on my (ever growning) gut. The pod responds by lightly kicking him in the head. He thinks it's awesome. I don't know how awesome he'll think it is once the pod's skeleton and size pack a bigger punch.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Vomit Pill Experiment: Take 4

Well, this week I started a new annoying symptom. I started vomitting, a lot, every day, even with the medicine I've been taking on board. So, I decided now was as good a time as any to test whether or not I really needed the pills I've been taking everyday. I figured if I was going to throw up regardless, why bother with the pills.

So vomit pill cessastion began yesterday. Yesterday was awful. I felt hideous all morning, not only with nausea but with a headache. Triumphantly, I managed to somehow prevail against actually vomitting, but not without a lot of moments spent in the work loo, on the floor of a stall trying to make myself breathe through the pre-vomit symptoms and talk myself out of it.

Today? I had very light nausea on and off all morning, but no threatened episodes of chuckage. By lunch? Nausea was gone, I was STARVING AS IF I HAD NOT EATEN IN YEARS, and no headache to boot.

Could it be? Possibly? Perhaps? Maybe I'm not going to feel hideous all day long anymore? I'm so excited by the possibility, you can't even begin to understand how excited.

On a totally unrelated topic, yesterday I was telling people that besides the hideous nausea/vomitting etc., I've had little to complain about. I'm only now starting to be obviously pregnant (or growing a tumor), and other than the occassional annoying's been pretty smooth sailing. I was feeling especially smug about the fact that I haven't suffered this symptom that people refer to as "pregnant brain." Apparently, this is a fugue that has a hapless gravid woman forgetting where she put her keys, or putting the milk in the pantry etc. I was quite proud of the fact that I've not been any ditzier than I normally am in a non-pregnant state.

That is, predictably, until today. Of course today I do something completely stupid, so as to spite my little bit of pride yesterday. This morning it was a bit rainy outside and I neede to retrieve something off the back deck, so I changed into my mud shoes. They are big blue plastic clogs that work a treat for schlepping around at he muddy dog park, or walking through puddles etc. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to change back into appropriate work shoes until I looked down in the elevator on my way up to my office and was preplexed as to why I had big blue plastic clogs on my feet.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I'm just saying....

If you buy a radio spot to advertise your Christmas sales, then make sure your reader can pronounce jewelry properly. If I hear you advertising your great "joo-lah-ree" sale, then you can bet your boots that I can never shop at your store ever again. To be honest, I'm not one much for jewelry so you were digging yourself out of a hole anyways.

Also, pod-lump, you are already a demanding little thing. If I don't put some music on for you by 8 pm you seem to get very very agitated and start with the kicking me in the gut. It's charming and all, but I gotta laugh. Serious. You are already a schedule-fixated little thing and demanding. I guess it's inevitable as you are coming by that trait honestly, from both sides of the genetic contributions.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Psychology Today: A Nation of Wimps

Monday, December 06, 2004


Names are such an important thing, don't you think? People are passionate about the names they want for their children (or even their pets). Being able to name something/someone gives you innate power over that something/someone. A name is an inherent part of an identity.

That being said, D and I, despite not being sure on the question of having children or not, have always been pretty much in agreement when it comes to names. We've always been in agreement with names for our pets, and it's the same for the pod. We like old fashioned names and names that are not easily bastardized into freakish misspellings. We like old fashioned names that aren't subject to the whim of trendiness, but aren't necessarily out of the ordinary (ie. Phinneus.) So we've got a girl name and boy name we both are happy with and we'll know what the baby's name is when we find out what gender the pod is on the 21st.

Deciding on a name is an intensely personal thing and our view is that we like the names we like and really couldn't give a stuff what anyone else thinks about them.

That being said, I am unable to keep from passing judgement on other people's naming strategies. For example, I don't understand this weird current trend of naming girl children by male names (ie. Carson or Rowan for a girl child), nor can I understand the deliberate overcomplication of spellings of certain names. If you want a truly unique name, make one up, but please don't bastardize a perfectly nice name with some overly complex spelling. Think of the lifetime of correcting name spelling you've just sentenced your offspring with! And, onto the subject of totally unique made up names...why? I know that ever child is completely unique/special etc...but I always think about what a pain in the bum it's been all my life to spell out my name (which is actually a standard name), not to mention D's name (especially here in the US where people only associate his name with the evil kid in The Omen) and hope to spare my child that. I know the pod will be special, so I don't necessarily feel the need to give them a complex name in order to signify that.

I hope the name we choose will allow the pod to be able to learn to spell his/her name with as much ease as possible (in those early years), be dignified enough to carry them from childhood through adulthood, and allow them to be a person outside of the name we chose.

Yesterday morning...

I got so mad that I was snorting like a raging bull. Not to mention throwing stuff around.

Pregnancy seems to have brought out the beast in me.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Doctor Appointment

I had a check up yesterday. Everything looked fine, heartbeat was 151. They drew blood for an AFP, we should have results sometime next week.

I don't know why it took an hour of waiting for the short 15 minute appointment.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Happy Birthday Dear Ruuuuuuuuuuby!

Guess which lunatic squirrel killer turned 5 yesterday? (Yes we make meat cakes with candle apples for all doglet birthdays at our house, which is more than the humans get...yes we are that ridiculous about our dogs, can you imagine what it will be like with the pod?)

PS. D made her get dressed up for her party, with stupid birthday bow and ridiculous dog sized sunglasses. He also hand carved a '5' out of apple.
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