Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I'm just saying....

If you buy a radio spot to advertise your Christmas sales, then make sure your reader can pronounce jewelry properly. If I hear you advertising your great "joo-lah-ree" sale, then you can bet your boots that I can never shop at your store ever again. To be honest, I'm not one much for jewelry so you were digging yourself out of a hole anyways.

Also, pod-lump, you are already a demanding little thing. If I don't put some music on for you by 8 pm you seem to get very very agitated and start with the kicking me in the gut. It's charming and all, but I gotta laugh. Serious. You are already a schedule-fixated little thing and demanding. I guess it's inevitable as you are coming by that trait honestly, from both sides of the genetic contributions.


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