Monday, December 06, 2004


Names are such an important thing, don't you think? People are passionate about the names they want for their children (or even their pets). Being able to name something/someone gives you innate power over that something/someone. A name is an inherent part of an identity.

That being said, D and I, despite not being sure on the question of having children or not, have always been pretty much in agreement when it comes to names. We've always been in agreement with names for our pets, and it's the same for the pod. We like old fashioned names and names that are not easily bastardized into freakish misspellings. We like old fashioned names that aren't subject to the whim of trendiness, but aren't necessarily out of the ordinary (ie. Phinneus.) So we've got a girl name and boy name we both are happy with and we'll know what the baby's name is when we find out what gender the pod is on the 21st.

Deciding on a name is an intensely personal thing and our view is that we like the names we like and really couldn't give a stuff what anyone else thinks about them.

That being said, I am unable to keep from passing judgement on other people's naming strategies. For example, I don't understand this weird current trend of naming girl children by male names (ie. Carson or Rowan for a girl child), nor can I understand the deliberate overcomplication of spellings of certain names. If you want a truly unique name, make one up, but please don't bastardize a perfectly nice name with some overly complex spelling. Think of the lifetime of correcting name spelling you've just sentenced your offspring with! And, onto the subject of totally unique made up names...why? I know that ever child is completely unique/special etc...but I always think about what a pain in the bum it's been all my life to spell out my name (which is actually a standard name), not to mention D's name (especially here in the US where people only associate his name with the evil kid in The Omen) and hope to spare my child that. I know the pod will be special, so I don't necessarily feel the need to give them a complex name in order to signify that.

I hope the name we choose will allow the pod to be able to learn to spell his/her name with as much ease as possible (in those early years), be dignified enough to carry them from childhood through adulthood, and allow them to be a person outside of the name we chose.


Blogger Sarcomical said...

that is very well put. and actually quite nice of you to think not of how 'cool' you guys would feel coming up with a weird name (phinneaus, skye, etc.) and instead are focusing on the child's state of sanity and frustration levels. heehee. well done. ;)

December 11, 2004 at 3:02 PM  

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