Thursday, December 16, 2004

Vomit Pill Experiment: Take 4

Well, this week I started a new annoying symptom. I started vomitting, a lot, every day, even with the medicine I've been taking on board. So, I decided now was as good a time as any to test whether or not I really needed the pills I've been taking everyday. I figured if I was going to throw up regardless, why bother with the pills.

So vomit pill cessastion began yesterday. Yesterday was awful. I felt hideous all morning, not only with nausea but with a headache. Triumphantly, I managed to somehow prevail against actually vomitting, but not without a lot of moments spent in the work loo, on the floor of a stall trying to make myself breathe through the pre-vomit symptoms and talk myself out of it.

Today? I had very light nausea on and off all morning, but no threatened episodes of chuckage. By lunch? Nausea was gone, I was STARVING AS IF I HAD NOT EATEN IN YEARS, and no headache to boot.

Could it be? Possibly? Perhaps? Maybe I'm not going to feel hideous all day long anymore? I'm so excited by the possibility, you can't even begin to understand how excited.

On a totally unrelated topic, yesterday I was telling people that besides the hideous nausea/vomitting etc., I've had little to complain about. I'm only now starting to be obviously pregnant (or growing a tumor), and other than the occassional annoying's been pretty smooth sailing. I was feeling especially smug about the fact that I haven't suffered this symptom that people refer to as "pregnant brain." Apparently, this is a fugue that has a hapless gravid woman forgetting where she put her keys, or putting the milk in the pantry etc. I was quite proud of the fact that I've not been any ditzier than I normally am in a non-pregnant state.

That is, predictably, until today. Of course today I do something completely stupid, so as to spite my little bit of pride yesterday. This morning it was a bit rainy outside and I neede to retrieve something off the back deck, so I changed into my mud shoes. They are big blue plastic clogs that work a treat for schlepping around at he muddy dog park, or walking through puddles etc. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to change back into appropriate work shoes until I looked down in the elevator on my way up to my office and was preplexed as to why I had big blue plastic clogs on my feet.


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