Monday, March 28, 2005

Either she loves him, or hates him....

Sunday morning I was sitting in the living room, waking up....when D marched in and started telling me something or another. Immediately Nell woke up and started doing vigorous pushups.

I conclude (seeing as I'm now noticing that she reacts quite a bit when she hears him) that she's either totally in love with him and can't wait to meet him, or is horrified and frightened by his voice.

This is a man running from baby shower madness....see, see what I mean? I'm hoping Nell gets her looks from her dad, because....dang he's a hottie.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

This is what 34 weeks preggo looks like. (Whoa Nellie!)

Thursday, March 24, 2005


So I bought some nursing bras yesterday.


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Also, last night? Fiasco.

1. I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep for more than 40 minute or so stretches.
2. Bess's bum was due for imminent exploding (um, impacted anal gland, trust me, you do not want to know) and explode it did. At 2 am. Just as a thunderstorm was going full tilt, meaning that Ruby was going nuts with the thunder and lightening and Ollie was crawling around under the bed whimpering.

You wish you had my life.

Oh yes you do!

Bits and Pieces

Ok, so the results of all the flurry of doctor's visits is that the heart is ok. It's just being a brat. Hopefully it will go back to its regular beat ways after Nell arrives.

I did go see the doctor about the continuing visual disturbances, but everythign is ok. Apparently, I have low blood pressure episodes, which beats the hell out of high pressure.

I've been increasingly uncomfortable the past week or pelvis/groin is killing me....and, really, I can't imagine that my ribs/diaphragm can take much more of the continual pushing/stretching/kicking. But I guess it will have to.

Also, despite the awesome pillow D bought me for my birthday, I'm no longer able to sleep takes a little bit of luck and the strategic placing of pillows to get a couple hours at a time. Crankiness ahead.

On other newsfronts:

Stone fruit is making it's appearance in the shops. Hoorah! I love plums, peaches and apricots. But, you do have to get "lucky"...for every nice piece of fruit you happen to procure, you have to suffer through at least three or four tastless mushy specimens.

My family is throwing me a bit of a shower this coming weekend. I've never had a shower in my life (well, I mean, I shower at least twice daily, but not that other type of shower.) It should be tolerable as it will be super small etc. I'm kind of excited about it, not because of the shower itself...but to see my family all excited about Nell. It makes me all sentimental to think that she's already part of a family and she doesn't even know it.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm interrupting pod related commentary.....

to share this with you: - Hip-hop cuties: Getting the jump on Easter shopping

Easter Shopping? Look, I was astounded when the spate of news articles came out about how to conquer Christmas shopping stress. Seriously, if gift giving is supposed to be about joy and love, then why the stress? Perhaps you need to rethink what it is you are doing when you buy Christmas gifts. But, stressed about "easter shopping?" What is this? Seriously. People what is wrong with you?

Do you really have so little going on in your "life" that "easter shopping" stresses you out?

Easter outfits? What is this? This article makes me INSANE! A "formal" outfit for church and a more casual one for an easter egg hunt? Ugh.

It is no secret that I'm an atheist, but hey, you know, if church is your thing, that's great. But, in order to celebrate Easter now you feel pressured/stressed to make sure you have the perfect outfits for your children? What do outfits have to do with the christian-based holiday of Easter?

Poor Nell, she will be the only child around deprived enough to not have easter clothes (two outfits no less) bought in advance with special consideration for what to wear for pictures with the easter bunny.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's spring time...

and the pine trees are sprogging and sexing it up like mad around here! What's that? Yellow dust? No! It's pine tree sex! It's everywhere, coating my car, covering the back deck, in drifts on the walkways at my work building...

We had a WHOLE WEEK of gorgeous sunny days, it was divine. My backyard actually dried enough that we weren't having to wipe dog paws every time the beasts came in from squirrel patrol.

Today it is overcast, but that's ok....I feel benevolent after a WHOLE WEEK of sunshine.

In other news, had the echo yesterday morning...the heart looked the same as it always does to me when I get one of these things done. I did notice just how loud an ultrasound must be to Nell. I could hear the highpitched whining/clicking of the machine while the technician was doing the scan. Nellie obviously remembered that sound and HATED it. She kicked the buggery out me the entire scan. Apparently the doctor will read the scan and issue a report in 7 -10 days. Whatever. It's an interesting lesson to learn for me, as up 'til now, my doctor has always been my grandfather...and he'd have the echo done and read it as it happened. Obviously, no one is overly concerned about the old ticker, which is just as well.

I'm still getting episodes of flashing lights and even some moments of blurry vision, so to be on the safe side and trudging into the OB's today for a blood pressure check etc. So far, my blood pressure always looks "great," so maybe it's just a weird pregnancy thing. It is rather disconerting though.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

This Weekend....

I almost had to adminster beat down to a nutbag hag at the dog park for acting like a complete lunatic, generally being hysterical...and waving her hands about disturbingly while raving like a lunatic at my dogs. (If there is anything in the world that will get me offside immediately, it is hysterical handwaving and talking in a raised voice at the same time.) In particular she was picking on Sam, my lovely one-eyed blockhead dope of a dog. Wow. I didn't even know I had that kind of temper/fierceness in me. Don't know if it has always been there, or if it is a developing mom type thing. All I know is that I LOST MY SHIT WITH HER AND HAD TO BE TALKED DOWN BY DAMIEN. Unheard of. I wanted to rip her face off to make her stop the infernal racket. I will have to learn how to temper the temper if anyone dare ever even look funny at Nell.

I pigged out at our favourite local barrio taqueria. I mean, PIGGED out. So much so that it was hard for me to move most of Friday night without groaning. It was TOTALLY worth it.

I got up at an ungodly hour for saturday morning so I could go get everyone breakfast tacos before heading for work for a critical project. This made me the morning hero!

I stared longingly at the gorgeous day outside while I did what I needed to do at work. Well. I did what I needed to do very well. I am most pleased with myself thank you very muchly! (Shhh, I know that there will be aftermath tomorrow.....but for now I'm living in this wonderful bubble of self-inflated ego about my abilities.)

I ate one of my favourite warm weekend meal for saturday tea, that is: olives, cheese and crackers. Oh and plugra butter, on saltines. Outside. On the back deck. In the warm evening breeze.

I was asleep like a granny by 9 pm on saturday.

Nell kicked and bucked like a fish out of water all day Saturday. We were both, apparently, wiped out. So wiped out that I only woke once in the middle of the night for a loo run. She did not kick me in the pelvis 'til I woke up, not even once all night! This is unheard of in my current reality.

D also was asleep by 9. He has no excuse. He's always been a bit of a grandpa.

I bought the frames I've been meaning to buy for the Beatrix Potter prints I bought almost a month ago and D and I hung them in Nell's room. I also tricked him into putting up the Peter Rabbit wallies I'd bought about the same time. It looks gorgeous and I am not ashamed to tell you it brought a tear to my eyes to see it all cutified and baby appropriate.

I lusted heartily for the mexican chocolate crumb cake that is in my Rick Bayless cookbook. I may have to make it.

I sat in the sun and ate plums.

What did you do?

Friday, March 11, 2005

Forgot to tell you....

The cardiologist?

Looked EXACTLY like Fred Flintstone.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Heart Update

For those of you out there wondering, my EKG and TSH/anemia tests came back normal. As I expected. I go for the echo today to see how the old ticker is beating. I'll be interested to see it, I always am...watching your own heart beating onscreen is pretty fascinating. I don't anticipate there will be any issues.

The flashing lights and arrythmia episodes seem to have decreased in the last couple days. My theory is I was just really really excited about the ultrasound, plus my current work project has me a bit under the pump.

In Nell news, she spent all day yesterday pushing on the same exact spot, her favourite, just to the upper right of my belly button and into my ribs. My uterus is very very sore in that spot. She is not sympathetic in the least, I believe she feels a bit cramped in there.

Argh. Ok, so the appointment today was NOT for the echo, it was for a consult with the cardiologist, who then concurred that I should have an echo. But, have an echo right then and there? No. That would be to sensible. I now have an appointment for the echo on Monday. Oh, and that was $310 for 15 minutes of his time, thanks very much. Also, the best part of it ever? The treatment is the same, whether or not my valve is freaking out....that is, "watch and see" or "be aware" of it. I'm aware already. I think the real diagnosis here is CYA by doctors in general, which is fine, I can understand that...but ugh. I'm cross. I just want to not have to go to yet another appointment for a week or so. Please.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Cake? Please?

It was my grandfather's birthday this past monday. We plan on heading down to Houston to pay him a visit in honor of his completing another year. He's finally admitting he's old, which pains my heart. He actually sold his practice (he was a GP) this year, at the venerable age of 91. No lie. He still goes to the hospital every day and consults in the cardiac department.

He's not big fan of sweets, but you know, I was thinking, as it is technically a "happy birthday" visit, then it would be perfectly legal to buy a tres leches cake from arandas and take it for "him" right?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Chubby Cheeks!

Nell is working on some seriously chubby cheeks (and thighs, though I won't post her "money" shot, that not only showcases her undercarriage bits, but her little ham hocks). I think she's got D's lips. I also think, quite possibly, she might be the most gorgeous baby pod EVAH!

I'm glad to know that although I suffered serious malnutrition for all those months at the beginning, she seems to be doing just fine in there.

Also, now that my heart is acting up (nothing serious, just a floppy valve that is being problematic), it is nice to see her heart looking so good...beating away.....

She also would like everyone to know, for the record, she doesn't not appreciate the poking and prodding.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's a girl! She cooperated fully today. Look at her super chubby cheeks. She's measuring a bit ahead (32 weeks), and weighs approximately 4 lbs 4 oz.
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