Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Ok, so the results of all the flurry of doctor's visits is that the heart is ok. It's just being a brat. Hopefully it will go back to its regular beat ways after Nell arrives.

I did go see the doctor about the continuing visual disturbances, but everythign is ok. Apparently, I have low blood pressure episodes, which beats the hell out of high pressure.

I've been increasingly uncomfortable the past week or so....my pelvis/groin is killing me....and, really, I can't imagine that my ribs/diaphragm can take much more of the continual pushing/stretching/kicking. But I guess it will have to.

Also, despite the awesome pillow D bought me for my birthday, I'm no longer able to sleep comfortably.....it takes a little bit of luck and the strategic placing of pillows to get a couple hours at a time. Crankiness ahead.

On other newsfronts:

Stone fruit is making it's appearance in the shops. Hoorah! I love plums, peaches and apricots. But, you do have to get "lucky"...for every nice piece of fruit you happen to procure, you have to suffer through at least three or four tastless mushy specimens.

My family is throwing me a bit of a shower this coming weekend. I've never had a shower in my life (well, I mean, I shower at least twice daily, but not that other type of shower.) It should be tolerable as it will be super small etc. I'm kind of excited about it, not because of the shower itself...but to see my family all excited about Nell. It makes me all sentimental to think that she's already part of a family and she doesn't even know it.


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