Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Heart Update

For those of you out there wondering, my EKG and TSH/anemia tests came back normal. As I expected. I go for the echo today to see how the old ticker is beating. I'll be interested to see it, I always am...watching your own heart beating onscreen is pretty fascinating. I don't anticipate there will be any issues.

The flashing lights and arrythmia episodes seem to have decreased in the last couple days. My theory is I was just really really excited about the ultrasound, plus my current work project has me a bit under the pump.

In Nell news, she spent all day yesterday pushing on the same exact spot, her favourite, just to the upper right of my belly button and into my ribs. My uterus is very very sore in that spot. She is not sympathetic in the least, I believe she feels a bit cramped in there.

Argh. Ok, so the appointment today was NOT for the echo, it was for a consult with the cardiologist, who then concurred that I should have an echo. But, have an echo right then and there? No. That would be to sensible. I now have an appointment for the echo on Monday. Oh, and that was $310 for 15 minutes of his time, thanks very much. Also, the best part of it ever? The treatment is the same, whether or not my valve is freaking out....that is, "watch and see" or "be aware" of it. I'm aware already. I think the real diagnosis here is CYA by doctors in general, which is fine, I can understand that...but ugh. I'm cross. I just want to not have to go to yet another appointment for a week or so. Please.


Anonymous Amy said...

I'm glad all is well!

March 9, 2005 at 10:05 AM  

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