Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm interrupting pod related commentary.....

to share this with you: - Hip-hop cuties: Getting the jump on Easter shopping

Easter Shopping? Look, I was astounded when the spate of news articles came out about how to conquer Christmas shopping stress. Seriously, if gift giving is supposed to be about joy and love, then why the stress? Perhaps you need to rethink what it is you are doing when you buy Christmas gifts. But, stressed about "easter shopping?" What is this? Seriously. People what is wrong with you?

Do you really have so little going on in your "life" that "easter shopping" stresses you out?

Easter outfits? What is this? This article makes me INSANE! A "formal" outfit for church and a more casual one for an easter egg hunt? Ugh.

It is no secret that I'm an atheist, but hey, you know, if church is your thing, that's great. But, in order to celebrate Easter now you feel pressured/stressed to make sure you have the perfect outfits for your children? What do outfits have to do with the christian-based holiday of Easter?

Poor Nell, she will be the only child around deprived enough to not have easter clothes (two outfits no less) bought in advance with special consideration for what to wear for pictures with the easter bunny.


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