Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's spring time...

and the pine trees are sprogging and sexing it up like mad around here! What's that? Yellow dust? No! It's pine tree sex! It's everywhere, coating my car, covering the back deck, in drifts on the walkways at my work building...

We had a WHOLE WEEK of gorgeous sunny days, it was divine. My backyard actually dried enough that we weren't having to wipe dog paws every time the beasts came in from squirrel patrol.

Today it is overcast, but that's ok....I feel benevolent after a WHOLE WEEK of sunshine.

In other news, had the echo yesterday morning...the heart looked the same as it always does to me when I get one of these things done. I did notice just how loud an ultrasound must be to Nell. I could hear the highpitched whining/clicking of the machine while the technician was doing the scan. Nellie obviously remembered that sound and HATED it. She kicked the buggery out me the entire scan. Apparently the doctor will read the scan and issue a report in 7 -10 days. Whatever. It's an interesting lesson to learn for me, as up 'til now, my doctor has always been my grandfather...and he'd have the echo done and read it as it happened. Obviously, no one is overly concerned about the old ticker, which is just as well.

I'm still getting episodes of flashing lights and even some moments of blurry vision, so to be on the safe side and trudging into the OB's today for a blood pressure check etc. So far, my blood pressure always looks "great," so maybe it's just a weird pregnancy thing. It is rather disconerting though.


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