Sunday, March 13, 2005

This Weekend....

I almost had to adminster beat down to a nutbag hag at the dog park for acting like a complete lunatic, generally being hysterical...and waving her hands about disturbingly while raving like a lunatic at my dogs. (If there is anything in the world that will get me offside immediately, it is hysterical handwaving and talking in a raised voice at the same time.) In particular she was picking on Sam, my lovely one-eyed blockhead dope of a dog. Wow. I didn't even know I had that kind of temper/fierceness in me. Don't know if it has always been there, or if it is a developing mom type thing. All I know is that I LOST MY SHIT WITH HER AND HAD TO BE TALKED DOWN BY DAMIEN. Unheard of. I wanted to rip her face off to make her stop the infernal racket. I will have to learn how to temper the temper if anyone dare ever even look funny at Nell.

I pigged out at our favourite local barrio taqueria. I mean, PIGGED out. So much so that it was hard for me to move most of Friday night without groaning. It was TOTALLY worth it.

I got up at an ungodly hour for saturday morning so I could go get everyone breakfast tacos before heading for work for a critical project. This made me the morning hero!

I stared longingly at the gorgeous day outside while I did what I needed to do at work. Well. I did what I needed to do very well. I am most pleased with myself thank you very muchly! (Shhh, I know that there will be aftermath tomorrow.....but for now I'm living in this wonderful bubble of self-inflated ego about my abilities.)

I ate one of my favourite warm weekend meal for saturday tea, that is: olives, cheese and crackers. Oh and plugra butter, on saltines. Outside. On the back deck. In the warm evening breeze.

I was asleep like a granny by 9 pm on saturday.

Nell kicked and bucked like a fish out of water all day Saturday. We were both, apparently, wiped out. So wiped out that I only woke once in the middle of the night for a loo run. She did not kick me in the pelvis 'til I woke up, not even once all night! This is unheard of in my current reality.

D also was asleep by 9. He has no excuse. He's always been a bit of a grandpa.

I bought the frames I've been meaning to buy for the Beatrix Potter prints I bought almost a month ago and D and I hung them in Nell's room. I also tricked him into putting up the Peter Rabbit wallies I'd bought about the same time. It looks gorgeous and I am not ashamed to tell you it brought a tear to my eyes to see it all cutified and baby appropriate.

I lusted heartily for the mexican chocolate crumb cake that is in my Rick Bayless cookbook. I may have to make it.

I sat in the sun and ate plums.

What did you do?


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