Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Holy Boobs Batman!

My milk is in and my boobs are enormous, hot, stinging, and just....tremendous. Not long ago, turning over in bed was a feat due to the enormous it's the enormous boobs that take special negotiating.

We are doing alright. Nell's a pretty cute little baby, and is as good as she can be for being just a tiny 5 days old. We had a rough night last night with my huge leaking boobs, and her leaking diapers. But, we'll get there.

She's been given the all clear on her jaundice...finally. It took another trip to the hospital, for another blood test, which meant re-admitting her for that. A couple hours later, we had the advice that her bili levels were on the way down and she didn't need to be admitted or be sent home with a bili blanket. So, that was good news...though it really wore us out for the day.

She's down for a nap, so I should be too. I've got tons of cute pictures to torture you with, we just need to get them off the camera and onto the PC before I can share.


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